Monday, November 12, 2007

What Century is This????
Now, when I was a kid, I thought that thunder was caused by angels bowling (see what you get from a Catholic education?). Of course, I eventually grew up and learned what really caused that natural phenomenon. Let's take a trip to Georgia, where it apparently is still the 12th Century:

Governor seeks divine intervention to get some rain
Invitations going out for prayer service at Capitol on Tuesday
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

With no rain in sight, Gov. Sonny Perdue is looking for a little spiritual help to get North Georgia out of its drought.

Perdue's office has begun sending out invitations to a prayer service for rain at the Capitol next week.


Heather Teilhet, his spokeswoman, said the governor began talking about wanting to host a service to pray for rain on his way back from Washington D.C. last week. He was in D.C. meeting with federal officials and the governors of Alabama and Florida to discuss the region's water crisis.

Perdue, whose son is a Baptist preacher, has had similar prayer services in the past.

"Georgia needs rain. The issue at the heart of our drought problems is a lack of rain," Teilhet said. "And there is nothing the government can do to make that happen.

"The governor recognizes that the request has got to be made to a higher power."

Teilhet said the governor's office has invited spiritual leaders from several faiths and dominations to participate in the service.

You have GOT to be kidding............now, I can understand if church congregations arrange a "prayer-in" for rain, but the Governor?? "There is nothing the government can do to make that happen." How about growth regulation? Looking at how much golf courses suck your water supplies down? How about realizinig that we all live in a dynamic environment with occasional droughts/fires/hurricanes/earthquakes and planning for that instead of thinking we all live under a hunky-dory benevolent invisible entity that (if we're good!) will give us some water? How child-like can you get???

Monday, November 05, 2007

How Many of You do This??

From the great xkcd webcomic:

I know this is a common event in my head, whether it is the Post Office or waiting in line at the grocery..........

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