Friday, October 20, 2006

"The Only Thing We Have to Fear is......You Know"
What amazes me is the incredible fearmongering spread by this administration. From strangely timed color alerts to using Dick Cheney to scare the crap out of voters, it's amazing not more people have asked the glaring question of why the heck haven't they caught the one guy who admitted to being deeply involved in 9/11? Atrios hits it on the head:

"The point of terrorism is, as the name suggests, to terrorize. Not simply to kill and destroy, but to frighten the broader population. It puzzles me why the RNC has found common cause with terrorists in their new ad campaign, and it puzzles me more why they want to highlight the fact that over 5 years after 9/11 George Bush has failed to catch the guy responsible.

It is very strange that they're proud of this."

How demoralizing it would have been to a broader terrorism movement to have focused a tremendous effort into locating and capturing bin Laden immediately......

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