Friday, May 27, 2005

Star Wars vs. Sports Stars
I listen to a couple of sports talk shows from time to time on the radio, and a conversation on one a few days ago cracked me up......a sports fan was going on and on about how geeky Star Wars fans are for dressing up like their favorite characters and reciting lines from their favorite movies (Episode III rocks!). Now, I like sports and also am a big movie/sci-fi fanatic, so that struck me as funny: here is someone, more than likely wearing a jersey from their favorite team, who can probably recite stats and numbers about their favorite player calling someone who dresses up as Obi-Wan a geek! We all are geeks about something, and just gravitate towards others who share that geekiness......

Friday, May 06, 2005

A True Public Servant
It truly ticks me off to hear Dubya say that he just "can't do anything about gas prices" and that there's nothing he can do. Amazing. Does he forget who he works for? Us, that's who, the public. How people think that he is a leader, well, I just don't know.

For a great example of a true public servant, let's look at a man named Gifford Pinchot. Those of you who read this blog that are connected with forestry or fire recognize that name immediately; he was the Chief Forester of the U. S. Division of Forestry from 1898 to 1910. He was also the Governor of Pennsylvania, and led by example. Here's an exerpt from this website:

"With the guidance of Roosevelt and Pinchot, over 200 million acres of national forest came under scientific land management. Policies developed by Pinchot still help guide most national and state forests.

Gifford Pinchot became governor of Pennsylvania in 1922. A tireless worker, he often worked 16 hours a day. Governor Pinchot created the first Pennsylvania state budget, erased the state's debt and gave himself a pay cut. Governor Pinchot was not afraid of a fight. Often at odds with political parties, Pinchot fought hard for the people. Several times a week Governor Pinchot held office hours and anyone could walk in and talk to him.

"A public official is there to serve the public and not run them." -Gifford Pinchot

Pinchot sought a second term as governor in 1930 and labored for employment improvements during the Great Depression. Governor Pinchot set up work camps throughout the state that became the models for the Civilian Conservation Corps of President Franklin Roosevelt. Governor Pinchot's work camps built 20,000 miles of paved roads for "taking the farmer out of the mud." These paved country roads made it easier for farmers to get from the farm to the market. Always progressive, Governor Pinchot was the first governor to have two women on his cabinet."

Now there's a man to look up to. Can you imagine Dubya taking a cut in pay? What Dubya doesn't get is the public awareness power he has. Symbolic, sure, but can you imagine if he said, "Alright, starting today, all the White House vehicles are hybrids," or "I will no longer fly this massive jet around, but bicycle." Can you imagine Dubya setting aside a day where average (not pre-screened) people could come in and talk to him without paying $100,000, like you would at a fund-raising event? Silly I know, but you get the idea. He could raise awareness and lead by the example of personal sacrifice, something you can tell he has no clue about.

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